The Virtual Archive
Press Release:
Through a fascination of architecture in game design and a devotion to the preservation of history, Schuyler Meyer of Millbrook, NY presents The Virtual Archive. A fully immersive and symbolic virtual reality museum of past works of both his photography and other digital media projects, with a focus on environmental design. The Virtual Archive, split into two sections, features a science fiction themed gallery, where the photos tell their own stories, and a fantasy themed library, featuring videos of completed past works. This vault of award-winning and international pieces was developed in the Unity Engine and designed for the Oculus VR headset.

- Developed in Unity 
- Models made in Maya 
- Textures made in Photoshop (Sci-Fi floor texture was downloaded from a free asset store) 
- Voice is "Amy IVONA" from Harpo Software 
- All photos and projects were created and recorded by Schuyler Meyer